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  • Tender Process

    From the start of the tender, down through to bidding rouds, and getting it implemented...
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    Tender Systems

    How to process and analyse 500+ lanes from 50+ suppliers effient with no errors? ...
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    Tender Consultancy

    We can assist you from start to finish. Getting the right data in, publish it to the suppliers ...
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    Tender Planning

    We manage tenders with predefined timelines. Easy calculating and fixed prices...
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    Business Intelligence (BI)

    Business Intelligence (BI) Microsoft Power BI enables you to quickly make more informed decisions by analyzing data. The data is presented with attractive visual reports that you can edit, publish and share together. With Power BI for business analysis, you visualize data and get clear insights that you can classify. A complete picture helps you make the right decisions.

    The road to data-driven business is not easy for everyone. The amount of data that becomes available is enormous and it depends on your role in the organization which information is relevant to you.
    Due to a lack of structure and innovative strength, many companies quickly get stuck. We are happy to help your organization simplify management and share huge amounts of data.

    Analyse BIG DATA with SQL

    A online provider sent packages to 100,000 customers globally last year. He uses various services such as Express, Same-day and Economy. He would like to compare different parcel providers, but unfortunately the price zones in the different countries do not match at all. And to make matters even worse, the pricing structure with surcharges is so complex that a simple shipment comparison is difficult or impossible to make. A solution in Microsoft Excel is unfortunately not possible. There are too many differences in the commercial offers.

    We have the solution for you! Through a MS ACCESS database specially developed by us and an SQL application, we can import all your shipments and compare them with different providers. You will get a real comparison based on your own shipment data. After that you can safely make a choice based on actual figures without the risk of wrong numbers.

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